New MOL Inspectors coming

The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development is kicking off a recruiting campaign to hiremore health and safety inspectors.The province said inspectors are needed more than ever to curb the threat of COVID-19.The ministry is targeting as many as 98, boosting the ranks from 409 to 507, the largest in theprovince’s history.Job ads will

Questioning CPR: A Default Response

When very old patients suffer cardiac arrest, doctors usually try to revive them — even if they were already near death. A few months ago, an ambulance brought a woman in her 90s to the emergency department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Her metastatic breast cancer had entered its final stages, and she

Canadian baby boomers at risk of Hepatitis C

On July 28 people around the world will acknowledge World Hepatitis Day in an effort to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and the global effort to eliminate it. The Covid‐19 pandemic has demonstrated the importance of working together internationally to confront public health challenges. Canada is one of 194 countries to have signed on to

Make boating safety a top priority when on the water

What better way to spend a summer day than out on the water with family and friends? With summer in full force and staycations picking up, Atlantic Canadians are spending more time on the water than ever. Whether it’s in speed boats, kayaks, paddleboards, or anything that floats, keep these boating tips, provided by Boating


Brands are helping the community and finding a new revenue stream Xenia Chen’s brand, Threads, a direct-to-consumer line of tights, was hit hard by the pandemic. “Our core product is a wardrobe staple for women when they go to work. When everyone started isolating in March, we saw a drastic drop in sales,” says Chen,

First Aid Challenges; 3 dead and 24 injured

3 dead, 24 injured after bus rollover in Alberta’s Jasper National Park RCMP are investigating the cause of the rollover. The bus was operated by a glacier sight-seeing tour company. 2:45 Three people are dead and 24 injured after a glacier sight-seeing bus rolled over near the Columbia Icefield in Alberta’s Jasper National Park. RCMP

Masks: The new norm

    Non-medical masks will not prevent you from contracting COVID 19. But it certainly makes a difference, up to a 30% decrease of contracting the disease? According to a recent article from “The Lancet”1a cotton mask can decrease the spread of COVID 19 around 30%, two layers of cotton up to 13% and one

Emergency First Aid Facts-Asthma

Asthma is an emergency and requires immediate first aid. Asthma is known as a chronic breathing disorder that causes the airways to swell and create mucous. This is the reason an asthmatic will cough, become short of breath and then you will hear the wheezing. Irritants Many thing can cause  or trigger an asthma attack.