First Aid and CPR Instructor Course

First Aid and CPR Instructor Course


Do You Need

  • Extra Income?

  • A Flexible Schedule?

  • Control of Your Future?

People have been taking control of their income and schedule by becoming an Authorized Trainer. Life’s Emergency Training offers a training program approved by WSIB, which allows individuals like yourself, to earn extra income and buy back their time.

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October 22, 23 and 24, 2021

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CPR drowningChild CPR can save your child's live


Take Control Back in 2021

  • Want Extra Income?

  • Want A Flexible Schedule?

  • Control of Your Future?

Now more than ever, it’s important to be in control back.  Control of something, anything. Rebuild that emergency fund, effortlessly afford your mortgage or maybe even save for a vacation, pandemic permitting   Take control back, becoming Authorized First Aid Instructor.

As a First Aid and CPR Instructor, you will gain the flexibility to teach when the timing is right, gaining more time and money for your family.

So, seize the opportunity to teach others and save lives. While gaining the knowledge and skills to become an entrepreneur.

Licenced candidates receive a high-quality program:

  • 20 hours training program
  • Scenario based skills and comprehension
  • Effective adult educator skills
  • Thought provoking and result oriented
  • Business Boost Workshop and Workbook

Life’s Emergency Training supports our training partnership, gained through over ten years experience in the field and training. We provide your business with cost effective, easy to read manuals, interactive presentations. Above all we deliver supportive customer care and guidance


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