December 16, 2019 in Blog, Education, Training

Free overdose kits

Get free training and overdose kit is not a new idea.

A public health emergency in 2016?  The Ontario government has been offering free training on a life saving medication called Naloxone back in 2016. Then why are we still trying to get the message out and convince people to get trained to can use this overdose kit?

Naloxone is the generic name for a medication that has been on the market since 1964. It only helps people experiencing opioid overdoses and if your wrong about the opioid it will not make the person worse. It’s easy to deliver an effective dose because most kits come with a nasal applicator like a nasal spray.

The number of people dying from opioid overdoses rise every year. Yet at the end of 2019, many governments like Ontario’s are still calling this loss of life a public health crisis, in stead of what it is; a public health epidemic.

Life’s Emergency Training is proud to announce that we have aligned with Marchese Health Care of Hamilton to try and spread these messages faster and farther. More than two thousand lives will depend on it during 2020. Let’s pledge to help save lives by getting trained and carrying a Naloxone overdose kit until this awful epidemic is over.

For free training regarding opioids, naloxone, using kits and receiving the kit please contact Marchese Health Care or


Excerpt Article from September 15, 2016

The Ontario Harm Reduction Program, established in 2006, started needle exchange programs but knew more had to be done. As early as 2011 Toronto Public Health started to educate and put forth an application to the Ontario government to make Naloxone an “Over The Counter” drug (OTC).

At the time these programs were started it was believed there were approximately 300 – 400 accidental overdoses in Ontario a year due to opioids such as fentanyl, morphine, heroin… read more