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Emergency First Aid Facts

Emergency First Aid Fact #112

Wound Care

There are a lot of myths out there regarding emergency first aid treatment. Every culture and family have their own remedies for anything that ails you. Our new series of 1001 first aid facts will reveal research-based essentials of what needs to be done. You may ask, “Do I lift this bleed?”, “Do I tie off a snake bite?” or “What do I do if my child is choking?”. Today is the first day that we will address some of your questions with our emergency first aid fact. The video found below goes through how to stop a bleed and prevent infection.

First tell the person to immediately sit down and apply pressure to their wound with their own hand. This allows you to get first aid gloves on or personal protection equipment known as PPE. Remember gloves protect both of you. Get some absorbent material such as gauze or clean towel then apply direct pressure to their wound for five minutes; do not elevate the wound.

When the bleeding has stopped wrap the dressing with a bandage like roller gauze or a tensor bandage. Do not lift the dressing or you run the risk of restarting the bleed. If the bleeding does not stop with in 10 minutes, it’s time to seek medical attention. Watch the wound for signs of infection such as redness, discharge, swelling or fever. If an infection occurs contact your doctor.

Bleed injury

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