April 8, 2020 in Blog, Facebook, Training

Proper Tools

Do you wonder if your son or daughter are truly capable to safely and confidently look after their own sibling, never mind someone else’s child?

Life’s Emergency’s Babysitting Course will give your son or daughter a head start in learning the skills needed for providing quality babysitting with the confidence that they are doing all the right things.

Your daughter or son will learn the skills that parents expect when you’re caring for their child. This is true even with their own brother or sister. Best part is this online course can be completed at home anytime!

Toddler working on fine motor skills


In this course your daughter or son will learn how to:

  • How to get work
  • Care for infants
  • Care for toddlers
  • Care for preschoolers
  • Basic first aid

They can print a resume, business cards and much more.  When they finish this five to six-hour course email for a certificate to show parents your abilities!


Benefits of babysitting