November 6, 2020 in Blog, Education

Rapid COVID Test Approved!

A rapid test for COIVD 19 has been approved by Health Canada. Precision Biomonitoring out of Guelph, Ontario boasts test results within one hour and 100% accuracy.

The first of its kind

This is the first rapid result test to be approved but there are many others going through the processes required by Health Canada. Some company’s claim to have kits that will provide results within minutes. We will have to wait and see about that. Several Canadian companies are attempting to move their rapid result test kit from the laboratory to real-world applications. Health Canada’s website shows over 100 applications for test approval: ten being Canadian. This showcases Canadian science is alive and well.


Cost not a factor

Currently Precision Biomonitoring’s rapid result test is selling for over $100 a kit. There are a few reasons many employers in northern Ontario have not questioned the cost. This newly approved test kit does not require any special chemicals or any refrigeration. Kits are designed to be transportable, so they can be used in any kind of pop up laboratory or in any location. The cost becomes insignificant when compared to shutting down a mine while possibly waiting up to one week for provincial COVID test results.


Local Scientists

Precision Biomonitoring is the collaboration of molecular scientists within the University of Guelph. It seems to be a natural progression to COIVD testing kits. The company’s roots are in rapid testing that identify organisms that may harm food chains or water supplies to name a few.

Northstream Safety in North Bay, Ontario is the first company to use the rapid result testing kits. There has been much interest from employers, camp setting and mining companies. Any company that needs their employees back at work now this test has become a game changer.

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