May 20, 2020 in Blog, Education

Emergency First Aid Facts-Nosebleed

Emergency First Aid Fact # 872

There are a lot of myths out there regarding emergency first aid treatment. Every culture and family have their own remedies for anything that ails you. Our new series of 1001 first aid facts will reveal research-based essentials of what needs to be done. You may ask, “Do I lift this bleed?”, “Do I tie off a snake bite?” or “What do I do if my child is choking?”. 

The video found below goes through emergency first aid facts about how to treat a simple nosebleed.  There are many old wife’s tales for stopping a nosebleed some worked but most did not. We thought you would like the facts on how to stop the bleed 

Remember don’t:

  • Blow your nose
  • Pick your nose
  • Stuff tissue up your nose

4 steps to stop the bleed

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