March 2, 2021 in Blog, Education

A new vaccine so close yet so far away

A fourth COVID-19 vaccination is ready to save Canadians from this horrible disease.

Health Canada has received the data that it requires to decide if  Johnson and Johnson’s vaccination will gain emergency approval. Knowing that Health Canada is looking to grabt emergency authorization yo may assume 3 days, maybe week at the out most, right? Wrong.

Health Canada’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Supriya Sharma, feels a decision could come in the next few weeks. Really, a few weeks? Don’t get me wrong, no one wants a rush decision that will harm people in the future. But come on, Johnson and Johnson sent data into the US FDA and CDC and received approval. It only took her American counterparts one week to get the decision through two government agencies. Not to mention Canada observed the discussions.

Is the data that was given to Canadian physicians in a different language? Presented in an uncommon format? Not likely.

Can the Canadian Health Agency start getting to work? So 37 people every week, over the next few weeks can live and be with their family and friends in better times.


Rapid COVID Test Approved!

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