March 18, 2020 in Blog, Facebook

Bored no more: Day 1

Bored no more. Let’s do something unusual today in these unusual times. I know COVID-19 is at the fore front of your thoughts. You are getting the best information from credible sources on how to stay safe and help protect others. So, I decided to pass on some clever ideas from people more creative than me. I have 10 days’ worth right now and we will just have to go with the ebb and flow of our daily updates and news. Activity and laughter will do miracles for your mental health over the next few weeks.

Do a puzzle- Dig one of those puzzles out from the top of your closet. Puzzles can range from as small as 10 to 25 pieces for young children or as many as 750 to 1,000 pieces. There are 3-D puzzles too. The subject matter is even more diverse than the puzzle size. The puzzle can reveal such things as nature, wonders of the world or the world itself. Don’t put it away when everyone becomes tired of working on it. Leave it out so everyone can contribute one puzzle piece at a time. Use a table that is not in use regularly or there are mats available that allow you to roll it up and move it around as needed. We’ve even used a left over board from a construction project.

Don’t have a puzzle hanging around no problem. You can make and create your own. When the puzzles complete take a picture of your family with the puzzle. Say cheese!