March 23, 2020 in Blog, Facebook

Bored no more: Day 5

Bored no more. Let’s do something unusual today in these unusual times. I know COVID-19 is at the fore front of your thoughts. You are getting the best information from credible sources on how to stay safe and help protect others. So, I decided to pass on some clever ideas from people more creative than me. I have 10 days’ worth right now and we will just have to go with the ebb and flow of our daily updates and news. Activity and laughter will do miracles for your mental health over the next few weeks.

Karaoke Night-You are the star of your own concert. Well even if it’s just for today! You don’t need a karaoke machine anymore to make this dream come true. A quick internet search will provide you with a wide range of songs to play and the words to the songs are also included. Check out your internet service provider you may have a karaoke service available all ready.

You can even pick a certain genre. Now you will need to decide if it’s country and western, jazz or rap night. Think about lighting and where the lamps are staged. Dress the part and get all those accessories that every diva needs to give the performance of a lifetime. You may need funky sunglasses, chunky bling for the ears and neck maybe a boa or two is what your getup needs.

While you’re at it video your karaoke and share with a family members. Now you can ask them to share their karaoke too!


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