March 26, 2020 in Blog, Facebook

Bored no more: Day 8

Tape a cooking show-Ready, set, action! Pick a fav recipe and become the star of your own cooking show. Don’t forget to tape it. Boy that was easy. Well it can be that easy or it can be mind boggling the creativity and minor details that go into filming a cooking show. Of course, while doing research I became a YouTube Hopper (a person hopping from video to video to video)and found out there is a reason I use professionals to make me look good, thanks Theresa and Ivan!

I found out about light and movement and cutting in and cutting out, OMG. I can’t watch anymore videos, and you don’t have too either. If you do want to look at upgrading your video for future use like a school project (one day) or to send to grandma there are a few links below. There are one or two easy tips that I can pass on. The first one is lighting. All the video masters say use the natural light from a window. They recommend morning light, if possible. The flash from your phone is too bright and will wash out the beautiful colours. The second tip is, when you’re shooting that final picture of that special entrée or dessert take the picture or video from over top, looking down towards the dish. I tried it just with our regular everyday meals and it is more appealing, who knew

Female blooging about a home cooked meal



No matter what have fun and bon appetit!



The Bite Shoot