September 21, 2017 in Blog

Do your babes have to die?

A mother called me a few days ago to inquire about CPR. She informs me I’ve taught her before at one of her prior jobs.

Her baby has choked twice, once 911 had been called. Luckily the babe was okay! “The majority of deaths from choking and suffocation occur in the first year of life.”1

I often tell people its not a matter of if but when they choke. Toddlers and infants are prone to choking due to their never-ending curiosity.

We forget that our workplace is so safe many things are prevented, home is a different story. “Approximately 95% of deaths from choking occur in the home environment” 2. I remember the panic when my son was 10 months old choking! I was paralysed  for couple of seconds until I remembered I was a paramedic and could save his life.

I ask the mother, “do you still need CPR certification at your new workplace?” “Yes, but I don’t feel confident when the baby chokes.

Todays tragedy just reminds us the times and places we can use our CPR skills.

When I go to teach the infant child CPR course this weekend, the grandparents are also attending.


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