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Drowning is no accident

Summer is here and so is the warmth of the sun we have been craving. August is around the corner, yet we still have at least six weeks to enjoy this wonderful weather.

That means being outdoor as much as possible enjoying friends and activities. The quickest way to cool down during summer heat alerts is swimming in a pool, pond, river, ocean or sea. Think about some safety before swimming so you can only think about fun while swimming.

Here are some sobering thoughts… In 2017


People that have drown    Canada 292, Ontario 93





Older adults drown65+ years of age


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Males 79%     There are more males drownings than females



Ponds are a danger of drowning

Lake or pond 36%, River 28% , Ocean 8%                      Bathtub 11%

drowning can happen in the tub




boating 25 %   – powerboats (≥ 5.5 hp) 24% ,  canoes 22%



swimming 27 %


The main reason for drowning across all eight categories


No PFD-(personal flotation device)

                                                                                               Swimming alone 29%

drowning happens when you swim alone

drowning happens when your not wearing a PFD                                      Alcohol 34%

alcohol and swimming lead to drowning


Deaths due to drowning are declining but the numbers are still high. The 2015 saw the lowest number of drowning deaths reported in 25 years period there were 423 unintentional water related fatalities in Canada’s waters in 2015, according to the most recent data from each province and territories chief coroner’s and chief medical examiner offices.

Average annual drowning deaths in Canada are down to 452 people in 211-2015 from 487 annually in 2006 to 2010.

If that death was a family member or friend, one death was too many.

Let’s make a difference, be part of the solution get trained now.


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