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Top 5 tips for Naloxone Workplace program

OSHA Changes 

In my opinion this is a win, win, win situation. Naloxone is safe and easy to use when assisting a person that is not breathing due to an opioid overdose. this medication has been on the market for over 60 years and will not harm someone if the problem is not opioid related. It will save their life if it is opioid related. There is no downside to the worker or the employer. 

In April 2022, OHSA amended “The Working Safe Worker Act”. This amendment makes employers liable if they do not supply Naloxone kits, also known as an overdose kit, in their workplace.

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Not every workplace in the province of Ontario requires a naloxone kit. Here is a list of the five things an employer should remember when deciding to stock naloxone kits and when responding to any opioid overdoses. 


  1. Your workplace is high risk or likely to be such as restaurants, bars, event venues and construction sites you should have a naloxone kit at your location or locations. 
  2. The naloxone kits need to be available and located close to the people that will administer them. I recommend that you locate them in a climate-controlled area (not completely necessary) and attach them to the first aid kit or AED device. 
  3. The people responding to emergencies need to be trained to recognize opioid overdose signs and symptoms. Your first aiders are the most likely candidates.  
  4. Let everyone know where the kits are located and that anyone can use the naloxone kits 
  5. Ensure that someone who walks by the kit daily checks if the kit needs to be replaced. Also, I recommend that you add it to your monthly worksite inspections to ensure the kit has not expired (2-year expiry).


There is so much good that can come out of this regulation if employers and employees run with this program. Especially if it prevents one opioid death. 

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